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Shanghai Easywash Technology Co.,Ltd is a technical-driven company, with the purposal of not only providing reliable laundry equipments but also satisfying consult service before, during and after you choose us. Behind every customer, there is a team of workers that provide a through service from the moment we get your quotation.

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Forever Services Since Beginning

The company adopts a full set of mold and automatic production line such as mold equipment, robot welder to ensure the perfect processing  accuracy and mechanical strength of the product. At the same time, It has independently developed the main control board system and remote control APP for its commercial laundry machines, which provides excellent user experience thanks to the combination with more scientific washing and drying procedure.

Our Service


The laundry expert in our team including experienced hardware designers, PLC engineers, architects and electricians. Range from customization of machine outlook to software function as well as layout of machines in container and layout of your laundromat, we offer you reliable, durable and profitable equipments to make your laundry more attractive, effective and lucrative with lowest investment cost.

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  • Machine Customization

    Everyone has own taste. As a technical-based manufacturer, Speed Union has a edge in customizing personal style machines to meet the specific request of clients. Speed Union has by far upgraded for more than one hundred times to realize the function or alter machine design to meet the demand of customers.
    Machine Customization
  • Laundromat Layout

    Help design your laundromat, save your time and cost and free you from the architectrual affairs.
    Laundromat Layout
  • Container Layout

    Draw the most loading map on the basis of your equipment model and quantity to maximize the space of container and minimize your budget on transportation.
    Container Layout
Our Service


As China top laundry machine manufacturer, we adopt a full set of mold and automatic production line to ensure the perfect processing accurancy and mechanical strength of product. Millions of dollars is invested in the pursuit of independent research and development power, which also contribute to our customization ability.

Complete recommended spare parts list, installation guidance and operation manual book also will be shared with clients for reference.

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Parts Warehouse

SIMPLECLEAN has a full range stock of spare parts that guarantee the optimum delivery time and ensure lowest production lost. Reliable spare parts quality and parts storage is critical to a continuous operating machine. Working with SIMPLECLEAN staff will ensure your satisfying using experience.

Parts Manual and Parts List

We provide parts manual and parts list to help you locate needed parts in shortest time.

Our worldwide logistics partners can deliver free spare parts in warranty by multiple transportation ways to cut the shipping time.

Our Service

Remote Control

We develope the remote control system to offer satisfying laundromat management experience.

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Change the settings and monitor the function machines through phone or computer by this system at any time and place.

Owners can see the function of machine and change the parameter through the app or software of RCS after logging in. And we can also help check or modify the parameter even in China if owner provide account number and password.

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