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February 22,2022

The hospital laundry room is an important area for hospital infection prevention and control. The building layout meets the requirements. The daily management of the functional management department is very important and must be managed by special personnel. The hospital infection professionals need to conduct regular supervision and inspection to ensure the standardized operation of the hospital laundry room. details as follows:

1. The medical fabric washing and disinfection work process, classified collection, washing and disinfection, hygiene quality monitoring and inspection, cleaning fabric storage management, safe operation, equipment and environmental sanitation and cleaning, job responsibilities, occupational protection and other systems should be established.

2. Pre-job training should be carried out for staff to be proficient in washing and disinfection skills; and to understand washing and drying related equipment, facilities, basic knowledge of disinfection and isolation and infection control, and the use of common disinfectants.

3. The disposal and management of polluted waste shall comply with the regulations of the "Regulations on the Management of Medical Wastes" and the "Measures for the Management of Medical Wastes in Medical and Health Institutions".

4. Personal protection requirements: Personal protective equipment worn in contaminated areas and clean areas should not be cross-used, and hand hygiene should be done.

5. The received clothing should be classified. Contaminated clothing, ordinary work clothing, and infant clothing should be stored separately and washed separately or on a special machine.

6. The traceable period of cleaning records is 6 months, and the retention period of records is one year.

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