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February 22,2022

Laundry solutions in nursing homes, nursing homes, and residential houses for the elderly.

Carefully take care of the residents’ clothing, comply with relevant standards, and prevent disputes about loss or damage to the resident’s family.

In order to make your residents feel satisfied and happy, the integrated laundry room will create your service highlights. It can also ensure that the residents’ clothing is carefully taken care of, increase the satisfaction of the residents’ family members, and enhance the corporate image by controlling the hygienic laundry process.

we provide:

1.High-quality washing service, no risk of loss or damage, and can handle all kinds of clothes.

2.Greatly reduce your laundry operating costs.

3.No need to subcontract, reduce the accumulation of clothes, no distribution logistics, and no need to supervise the entire laundry process (quality, hygiene, risk of spreading infection...).

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